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Many bugs and performance issues are are addressed with regular Service Packs and software hotfix’s.

Use this handy list to directly take you to the product update page to check the latest Patch or hotfix.


3dsMax Design


Motion builder



Recommended  – you maya also find Autodesk’s FAQ usefuls

Autodesk now use an online activation process for all their products.

Use the online form found at www.autodesk.com/licensesupport



Contract numbers hold a history of all the software products and updates you have purchased on subscription. Your contract number is linked to you or a company and a nominated contract coordinator from your company will have their own login access. Serials number you find in a contract typically identifies a single application version. A group serial identifies a 2 or more of the same application version sharing that serial. You use a serial or group serial number to activate the product(s). New serials are issued for every new application released each year. These new serials you receive are only compatible with the current product release.

If you have an active Autodesk Subscripion for the product you can run upto 3 previous versions of the software. Either select in the option on your subscription account or contact us for some help.

3ds Max is a windows package however the latest Autodesk product release for Windows is officially supported on both Bootcamp and parallels. Bootcamp would be recommended for optimal performance on your Mac hardware.

It is always recommended to check the products system requirements page http://usa.autodesk.com/3ds-max/system-requirements/

Also this PDF answers many questions relating to Bootcamp for 3dsMax http://images.autodesk.com/adsk/files/3ds_max_3ds_max_design_2013_boot_camp_faq_en.pdf

The GPU Card you choose will depend on your budget. If you spend most of your time working in 3d it is recommended to have a professional GPU card such as an NVidia Quadro or an AMD FirePro card. Autodesk Certify these Professional cards and even the drivers you should use. You can call us to discuss recommendations and options.

When you purchase V-Ray for the first time you will receive a new username and password from Chaosgroup. You have to login with these details to download the commercial ADV version. If you registered your own username and password prior to ordering this will only entitle you to download the evaluation version of V-Ray.

If you need further help setting up V-Ray please contact us.

Further support information can be found here http://www.chaosgroup.com/en/2/support.html


If you are setting up a new license server or upgrading an existing server then download the latest LMTools(flexlm) to be sure that all the license features are supported. This can be downloaded from www.autodesk.com/licensetools

If you require an updated license and you already have your serial numbers ready you can get a new network license from http://registeronce.autodesk.com or complete the following web form www.autodesk.com/licensesupport.

If you have multiple network licenses for multiple products these can be combined in to one license file. I recommend that you contact us to help organise this for you.

We can help you get a new license file if this is the first time you are setting up a license server please contact us and we can walk you through the entire process. We are more than happy to help.

The most common causes for these issues will be either your graphics card, hard drive capacity is full, or not enough available RAM.

3d Applications rely on a stable workstation setup. The minimum requirements to run DCC applications such 3dsMax, Maya, cinema4d, Adobe premiere, Autodesk SMOKE are much higher than the typical consumer system.

A certified professional graphics card often requires certified drivers for optimal application stability and performance. Use the following table to identify which driver works best for your Autodesk application www.autodesk.com/graphics-hardware

Also multiple open applications that also request GPU compute cycles will degrade overall system performance such as, NVidia iray, V-Ray RT, Adobe’s Mercury playback engine.

V-Ray  standalone  or batch/slave(DBR) rendering = 10 additional computers/servers for rendering. This doubles if you own 2 V-Ray for maya licenses, however this becomes detrimental to your network performance if you have more than this, simply due to the amount of network traffic this generates.

You’re entitlement for network rendering via a Render Manager is up to 10000 machines.