Unity 4 is out!

This announcement first appeared on Unity’s blog on the 13 Nov 2012

Unity 4

Unity 4.0 marks the release of the Mecanim animation system and we think it’s mind-blowingly awesome. It’s going to change the way a lot of people make games by giving high class animation tools to a much wider range of developers than ever before. We’re also putting up free motion captured animation on the Asset Store so that you can start making your characters move with lifelike fluidity.

The wealth of new high-end visual features will level the playing field. DirectX 11 support is probably the biggest addition that will open up a huge range of possibilities for developers. Add to that mobile real-time shadows, normal maps when baking lightmaps, skinned mesh instancing and there’s a wealth of lush visual features.

Finally (for the really big stuff anyway), two new supported platforms have made their way to Unity.

Unity 4 - 3d softwareLinux Deployment Preview

The Linux developer preview is already looking amazing and is helping games make their way onto one of the most open gaming platforms in the world. Rochard was recently released on Linux and demonstrates that Linux development can be very successful.

Unity 4 - 3d softwareFlash Publishing

The Adobe Flash Player add-on is going to push Unity way ahead of the rest of the industry in potential publishing reach. The combination of Unity’s ridiculously broad platform support with the Flash plugin being installed on over a billion computers means that anyone who uses Unity can reach an incredible array of potential customers.

The Future

Unity 4.0 is a great beginning, but we are here for the long haul and we’re going to make Unity better and better throughout this release cycle. Our goal is to have releases come out at a faster pace because we think it serves you better to give you access to awesome new toys (and fixes) faster than ever before.

You already know some of what we’re working on. Things like the new retained GUI, Windows Phone 8 support, and Nintendo Wii U support. Down the line you can expect to see some pretty big additions that we can’t talk about quite yet, but that we know you’re going to be very excited about!

2012 has been a big, big year for Unity and we’re looking to make 2013 even bigger. Enjoy Unity 4.

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