V-Ray Next for 3ds Max webinar

CG Specialist Atanas Tudzharov will show V-Ray Next's incredible toolset.

V-Ray Next for 3ds Max launch webinar: June 12th

Topics covered:

  • Adaptive Dome Light

Image-based environment lighting is now 2X faster on average and up to 7X faster in some scenes.

  • Point & shoot camera

The newly redesigned V-Ray Physical Camera can set exposure and white balance automatically.

  • 2X faster GPU rendering

V-Ray GPU is ready for your high-end production scenes with a new rendering architecture that’s twice as fast.

  • GPU-accelerated volume rendering

Render realistic smoke, fire, fog and other volumetric effects with the added speed of V-Ray GPU.

  • Interactive AI Denoiser

Remove noise instantly using the new NVIDIA AI-accelerated denoiser.

  • Lighting Analysis tools

Accurately measure light levels and render false color heat maps or light value overlays.

  • Substance Designer and PBR workflow

Metalness controls the reflection model for the material, from dielectric to metallic and can be used with PBR setups coming from other applications.

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To purchase V-Ray Next for 3ds Max visit the product page here.

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