Autodesk: Ready To Make Anything

The power of Maya, 3ds Max, Arnold and more in one simple package.

Ready To Make Anything: M&E Collection webinar

Would you like to learn how you can experience the power of Autodesk's Maya, 3ds Max, Arnold and more in one simple and convenient package?

The M&E Collection allows you to create incredible animations, design rich environments with flexible procedural modelling software and render beautiful final results. You too can now get the creative tools used by top animation, visual effects studios and game developers.

Register today to attend Autodesk's webinar with M&E expert JP Van Gastel, to find out how Autodesk's M&E collection can upgrade your output to the next level. 

The webinar date is 30th September at 12.30pm GMT. Register now!

Special trade-in offer

Save 20% instantly on a new 1-year or 25% on a new 3-year subscription with the trade-in of your perpetual license of a product not on a maintenance plan. 

Call us on 01483 410370 for more information. 

Free Arnold 5-pack with every purchase of the M&E Collection

Customers who buy a new subscription of an M&E Collection get one Arnold 5-pack for free.

Call us on 01483 410370 for more information. 

Why the Collection?

Get ready to make anything. From Maya's high-performance 3D Animation software for motion pictures to creating stunning game environments on 3ds Max and optomising your rendering process with Arnold. Be prepared to exceed the demands of modern animation and visual effects. 

The power of workflows
From storyboarding through production, you have access to powerful and proven tools. Frequent updates keep you on the cutting edge.  

Everything you need
Produce incredible effects, believable 3D characters, and stunning environments for film, TV, games, and virtual reality experiences.

Prepare for the future
Build a powerful 3D animation pipeline for complex simulations, effects, and rendering to tackle even the most demanding jobs, now and tomorrow.

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