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Call us on 01483 410370 or email sales@bluegfx.com

Call us on 01483 410370 or email sales@bluegfx.com

thinking particles

thinking particles




Countless blockbuster movies and projects depend on thinkingParticles' limitless ability to recreate advanced physics-based particle effects fully procedural and rule-based.

Now with Subscription Drop 7, the latest Update of thinkingParticles, offered for free to all full Subscription users in good standing. Cebas Visual Technology keeps its promise of delivering continual upgrades and enhancements.

Multi-Physics simulation has never been better and more advanced; fluid simulations and rigid body interactions have been optimized and resemble real world physics behaviour. Surprisingly, improving thinkingParticles simulation accuracy has no penalty and what you see is what you get with amazingly fast simulation times. Drop 7 delivers greater Procedural Volumetric Controls and Shape Operators. TP 6.7 enhances SPH Solver offers great stability.

Manufacturer: Cebas

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