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V-Ray 6 for Rhino

V-Ray 6 for Rhino


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V-Ray for Rhino is the most complete visualization tool for McNeel Rhinoceros. Designers and architects can view their design in real-time, stage their scenes with high-quality 3D assets, create renders as-real-as-can be, and apply finishing touches — all within the application. The unparalleled Grasshopper integration further streamlines the design development process, saving users time and improving their efficiency.

The V-Ray Vision 3D viewer enables users to visualize scenes within a real-time rasterized environment and watch them evolve instantly as new objects, materials, or lights are introduced. Vision significantly improves efficiency in the initial design development stages where rapid experimentation is key. Feedback from managers and clients is applied immediately, making it a great tool for design review meetings. Furthermore, images, videos, and even executable applications can quickly and easily be exported and shared.



Manufacturer: Chaos

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What we think about V-Ray for Rhino

What we think about V-Ray for Rhino

Bringing high quality V-Ray rendering to Rhino. Feel confident your designs will bring the desired visual impact you demand.
Richard Seanor, Technical Application Specialist

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