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Call us on 01483 410370 or email sales@bluegfx.com

Call us on 01483 410370 or email sales@bluegfx.com

V-Ray 6 for Sketchup

V-Ray 6 for Sketchup


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V-Ray for SketchUp is an integral rendering solution for SketchUp, enabling designers to experience their designs in real-time as they model and take them to the highest level of photorealism without leaving SketchUp. Preferred by architects and 3D artists alike, it is used by 95% of the top AEC firms worldwide and in countless films.

V-Ray for SketchUp enables architects and archviz specialists to collaborate more smoothly than ever. Enscape compatibility allows real-time scenes created in the early stages of design development to be transferred to V-Ray where they can be taken to the highest level of realism without starting over. Remote teams can easily share their work via the cloud directly from within SketchUp, keep all their feedback in the same place and access their content from anywhere, anytime.


Manufacturer: Chaos

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What we think about V-Ray for Sketchup

What we think about V-Ray for Sketchup

Giving you the power of V-Ray to deliver quality images straight from Sketchup. Artist friendly tools, lighting enhancements and Proxy tools allows you to delivery your renders faster than ever.

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